Buy FREESAT UHD-4X Smart 4K Ultra HD Digital TV Recorder 


Freesat 4K TV Box review: What you need to know


Freesat began as the satellite equivalent of Freeview, bringing all the normal digital TV services – plus a few extras – to your TV via your satellite dish. And, like Freeview, it’s getting smarter. Just as Freeview Play has added catch-up and streaming services to the platform, Freesat has embraced them too, meaning you can scroll backwards through the EPG (electronic programme guide) and play selected programmes up to a week after they’ve been broadcast, with the box grabbing the feed from the relevant catch-up TV service.


This new 4K TV box comes in four variants. The first has no recording features – it’s just a standard set-top-box – but the 500GB, 1TB and 2TB versions add live pausing features and two-channel recording in HD. And while there’s currently no live 4K broadcast content available on the service, the box is ready should it come. For now, you’re limited to what’s available through the built-in apps, meaning 4K streams from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube.


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